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Single Living

A Fine Line: Lust vs. Love

Why does he have to take off his shirt yet again? Doesn't he know that women are gawking at him? Doesn't he know that it is making some of us uncomfortable? That some of us are thinking thoughts that are...well, you get the idea (I have got to stop watching those butter commercials).

Single-Parent Families

Child Abuse and Neglect

"Abuse" is any physical injury, sexual abuse or emotional abuse inflicted on a child, other than by accidental means, by those responsible for the child's care, custody and control, EXCEPT:

Single Again

Healing the Broken Heart of Divorce

As I watched Susan, I saw a once strong Christian leader now living in complete despair and depression. Life, according to her, was over. The saddest part was that she didn’t even know how she got there. She said, “I have not only failed at the relationship...

Blended Families

Principles to Live By

Here are 27 principles for blended families to live by, from the experience of veteran blended families: Before committing to the marriage, look for pitfalls, problems, trends, and quirks during dating that could become issues after ...