Do you have any suggestions for someone beginning a Single Parent fellowship group?

  • Offer a Friday night dinner with inexpensive food...chili and sandwiches, spaghetti, soup and salad etc. Let the single parents bring their kids and give an offering toward the cost, IF THEY CAN AND WANT TO! You may need to subsidize the cost. After dinner, have a lesson and discussion on the issues of single parenting, and 1 or 2 kids’ classes in other rooms, by age.
  • Lesson/resources suggestions:
    • The Single Parent Journey by Bobbie Reed for the parents
    • Kids Hope by Gary Sprague for the kids
  • Offer monthly social/recreational activities for the parents and families (inexpensive: hikes, bike rides, park picnics, swimming, ice skating, parties, etc.). Look for some of them who could plan these if possible – at least ask for their ideas!
  • Parents will want and need some activities without the kids too! For those occasions, ask other adult classes to consider providing:
    • A Saturday afternoon of free childcare!
    • A Friday night of free childcare!
    • Challenge them to invite a single parent family to Sunday dinner
  • Look for REMARRIED COUPLES to work with single parents! They were single again for a period of time and know the issues!
  • Don't have a weekly ministry for single parents indefinitely, unless you have MANY of them coming to support it. You will find, because of their issues and lifestyle, they will not come every time you have something for them, even though they may need it!
  • Have a gift tree in the foyer the month before Christmas with ages and genders of children on pieces of paper clipped to the tree. "BOY, 6 YRS OLD"....”GIRL, 10 YRS OLD" etc. These represent the kids of single parent families, and even NEEDY married couple kids in your church. Ask the congregation to take a child's paper, buy and wrap a gift, bring it back in the next week or two...then give the gifts to the children AND THEIR PARENTS before Christmas. You could put parents’ genders on the tree too..."DAD, 28 YRS OLD"...."MOM, 39 YEARS OLD" ETC.

The purpose of Assemblies of God Single Adult Ministries is to help districts, churches, pastors and leaders build spiritually-strong single and single-again adults of all ages.

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