If someone wanted an overview of what happened for SA and YA ministries in 2009, what would you say?

Question: If someone wanted an overview of what happened for single adult and young adult ministries through the national office during the last year, what would you say?

Answer: We’re glad you asked! Here’s a concise report of some exciting developments that took place through the national office of single adult and young adult ministries in 2009.

The Vision
Single Adult & Young Adult Ministries promotes the need for and development of ministry to single and single-again adults (ages 30+), and young adults (married and single, ages 18 - 35) and their families, on a local, district, regional and national level by networking, resourcing, and training existing and potential leaders.
Young Adult & Single Adult Ministries reaches four distinct groups, each containing various sub groups.
• Leaders of single adult ministries - Paid and volunteer staff
• Leaders of young adult ministries – Paid and volunteer staff
• Single, single – again adults and their families - Mostly ages 35 - 60, never married, divorced, widowed and single - parent - families
• Young adults and their families – Mostly ages 18 - 35, never married, married, single-parent-families, divorced

Single Adult Ministries –U.S. Unmarried Households Outnumber Married Households

Married Households: 49.8% (55.2 million)
Unmarried Households: 50.2% (55.8 million)
(Reported in 10/15/06 Yahoo News, Maxim Kniazkov and U.S. Census Bureau 2005 - American Community Survey)

Ministry groups by

Age (30 + yrs, 55 + yrs.)

Life issues (single - parent families, divorce recovery, grief recovery).
Single Adult Ministry (ages 35 +) helped hundreds of churches and leaders with the unique needs of single and single - again adults. Leadership training events were a priority in 2009, with approximately 10 different area or district - wide events for staff and volunteer leaders. Approximately 1200 – 1400 churches have a targeted ministry to one or more age groups of single adults between the ages of 35 - 60 yrs. old. Training resources and materials were given and sold at these events.
Young Adult Ministries - 50 Million U. S. Young Adults (18-35 yrs)
Ministry groups by – Age, married and/or single (18 - 25 yrs, 18 - 30 yrs, 25 - 35 yrs)

Young Adult Ministry (ages 18 – 35) experienced tremendous growth. Many new ministries were discovered, new and existing leaders were resourced, the website was redesigned, and many new, free resources were created in digital and hard copy formats. Approximately 1400 -1600 churches have some type of targeted ministry to one or more age groups of young adults between the ages of 18 - 35 yrs. old.

The Numbers

• Approximately 25 % of AG churches target ministry to young adults and/or single adults.

• Approximately 20 districts have a ministry emphasis on single adult and/or young adult ministries.

The Highlights - 2009

• Hiring a full-time Young Adult Ministry Coordinator
• Compiling new young adult ministry training materials
• Creating a new young adult ministries promo video
• Re-designing the young adult site
• Beginning a bi-weekly young adult leadership blog
• Co-sponsoring a national cruise with the Church of God
• Area and district training events for current and potential leaders
• Sales of leadership/ministry and other resources
• Networking with many AG districts and churches
• Networking, training and consulting with other denominations
• Increased website traffic
The Future
The need and opportunity to assist churches and districts in reaching young adults and single adults is greater than it has ever been. We look forward to the exciting opportunities and challenges of assisting pastors, districts and leaders recognize, reach, restore and release young adults and single adults into the harvest!

The purpose of Assemblies of God Single Adult Ministries is to help districts, churches, pastors and leaders build spiritually-strong single and single-again adults of all ages.

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