What are the pros and cons of hosting a single adult ministry group on and off the church grounds?

By Dennis Franck

Question: What are the pros and cons of hosting a single adult ministry group on the church grounds and off the church grounds?

Answer: It is important to evaluate where the ministry should be held. A ministry event does not have to be held in the church building just because it is sponsored by one or more churches. I have intentionally held weekly, ongoing single adult ministry groups for years both on the church grounds and off the church grounds for specific reasons. The decision concerning where to host the ministry can and should be highly influenced by several factors:

  • The size of the church(es) sponsoring the ministry-small churches may not usually attract large numbers of single adults inside the church building
  • The model(s) chosen
  • The advantages and disadvantages of hosting on or off the church grounds
  • The size of the city

On the church grounds benefits:

  1. More exposure of the people to the ministry of the host church
  2. More exposure of the ministry to the people of the host church
  3. Less storage problems (coffee supplies, name tags, props etc.)
  4. Less set up, clean up and transporting of tables, chairs, materials etc.
  5. More access to tables, chairs, props etc.
  6. Less time finding an appropriate meeting room
  7. Usually less risk of losing the meeting room
  8. No cost for the meeting room
  9. Fewer requests to announce other churches’ events

Off the church grounds benefits:

  1. More exposure of the ministry to the community
  2. Attracts more non-Christians due to the neutral, non-threatening setting
  3. Attracts more Christians from other churches who do not have a ministry at their church
  4. Attracts more children of single parents-If the ministry is held on a Sunday morning during class time, children can be taken to the host church’s classes and activities.
  5. Easier to build a city-wide influence and image-The smaller the city, the easier this is.
  6. Easier to build relationships with other pastors
  7. Less denominational hang-ups in people’s minds due to the neutral setting
  8. More flexibility of schedule
  9. Any sized church could sponsor the ministry
  10. Easier for several churches to sponsor the ministry together

Elements to consider when hosting the ministry off the church grounds:

  1. Ample area for fellowship and seating
  2. Flexibility of seating
  3. Cost/rent of the room
  4. Possible days room is unavailable
  5. Image of the business you are renting from
  6. Location of the room
  7. Storage of materials
  8. Childcare needs

Room ideas for off church grounds:

  1. Restaurant room
  2. Motel ballroom
  3. Community room
  4. Apartment complex common room
  5. Bowling alley meeting room
  6. Bank meeting room
  7. Service club room
  8. YMCA meeting room
  9. Library meeting room
  10. Other

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