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"Out of the divorces, widowhood, the singles bars, clubs, apartments and condominiums, comes a torrent of need, and it is flowing right past the door of our churches. ...there is boundless talent and creativity in this flood of single adults. The church can help and it can also be helped. It can give and it can receive. OPPORTUNITY IS THERE! WHAT WILL WE DO?"
Edward & Gwen Weising, Authors of " Singleness -- An Opportunity for Growth and Fulfillment"

"To fail to reach out to the single adult is to 'wall out' 40% of the adult population today"
Earl Crepps, Director—Doctoral Leadership Program, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, Springfield, MO; Adult Ministries Consultant, Assemblies of God Sunday School Department, 1997-1998

"I see two specific reasons to minister to singles. One, many are hurting from the pain of divorce and need the love and care the church can provide The church should be the place to turn to for healing and restoration. Two, many singles are poised to serve in various ministries of the church. They are gifted and hungry to make their lives count. We can release them into ministry to fulfill the call of God."
Rick J. Cole, Pastor, Capitol Christian Center, Sacramento, CA

"Every group in the church has unique needs and gifts… children, youth, men, women, marrieds etc. Because we have put emphasis on these groups for so long, we have inadvertently forgotten the singles and have led them to believe we don't expect them to be involoved in ministry. The apostle Paul said that for ministry it is better to be single! (I Cor. 7: 25-35) The purpose of ministry to singles is to help them see they ARE the church and to help them come to a place of ministry."
David Reddout, Pastor of First Assembly of God, Leesville, LA; Adult Ministries Consultant, Assemblies of God Sunday School Department, 1981-1985

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The purpose of Assemblies of God Single Adult Ministries is to help districts, churches, pastors and leaders build spiritually-strong single and single-again adults of all ages.

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