Making Your Family Your Priority

“The life we have is the life we allow. If we allow work, friends, schedules, etc. to edge out time with our spouse and/or family it is because that’s what we want. We do what we want to do. For the most part, you determine your priorities.” Dr. John Lloyd Ogilvie – U.S. Senate Chaplain

Suggested Priorities

  1. God
  2. Family
  3. Church/Ministry

Steps/Ideas To Making Priorities Correct

  1. Probe where you are now – Out of control? (Evaluate and admit honestly)

  2. Pledge to God plus each other to change wrong priorities

  3. Plan …a regular “Family Night” (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly)

    ...a regular “Date Night” for you and a child. Ask a grandparent, friend, aunt or uncle to watch the other child/children to cut back on baby-sitting expense. The next time, switch kids so everyone has a turn! Remember, family/date night does not have to cost a lot of money. Most children will be happy just to have one-on-one time with you. Play at the park, walk at the local nature center or zoo, listen to a free concert. Be creative! Most communities often have free activities listed in the local entertainment section of the newspaper so when you see an opportunity, grab it!

  4. Play together – Make kids responsible for 1 time per week.

  5. Pray together – Make kids responsible for 1 time per week.

  6. Provide Availability - Is your home like a motel? Do people only eat and sleep there? Are the kids alone much of the time?

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