Occupy Till I Come

“And Jesus said unto them, occupy till I come.” (Luke 19:13)

The Then And When Syndrome

“When my kids are in school…then I’ll go to Bible study!”
“When I lose weight…then I’ll learn to swim.”
“When there’s someone in my life…then I’ll look neatly dressed.”
“When I get a better job…then I’ll tithe.”
“When I meet Miss/Mr. Wonderful…

…then I’ll pray everyday…
…then I’ll be holy…
…then I’ll be involved in church…
…then I’ll play Christian music…
…then I’ll cook good meals…
…then I’ll clean my apartment…

Will Jesus tell you what hour you’ll meet Mr./Miss Right?
Will Jesus tell you what hour He’ll return?

Let’s imagine that God gave you a piece of land and then went away for awhile. You are to tend it, cultivate it, pull weeds, manage it, develop it and produce from it.

  • How long would it sit idle before you started?
  • Would you assume that God wouldn’t be back for awhile so you could go off on vacation first?
  • Would you not leave, but just sit and watch it for a long time?
  • Worse yet, would you sell out?

God has given you “land” – YOUR LIFE. He’s coming back to claim it… what will it look like?

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