"Safe Sex" and Condom Use

There are at least 6 reasons why the concept of “safe sex” is very damaging…

1. The pregnancy rate with condoms has a 10 – 30% failure rate. The woman is only susceptible to pregnancy (fertile) 3-5 days per month. Yet people are susceptible to the AIDS virus every day.

2. The AIDS virus is 500 times smaller than a sperm and can go through a semi-permeable surface. Condoms are made of a semi-permeable material.

3. Homosexual intercourse (sodomy) has a 30 – 50% breakage rate for condoms due to the nature of the sexual activity. Homosexual sex does not confine itself to “protected” intercourse, so the exchange of body fluids occurs in other ways.

4. ARC and “Gay Bowel Syndrome” are also hazards that may or may not be prevented by condom use – for the above reasons.

5. Teens (and even adults) have the idea that they are invincible (“It won’t happen to me”). Promoting condoms when their effectiveness has not been documented will cause a great deal of anxiety among people who contract AIDS even while using a condom.

6. Sexual behavior is sometimes “acting-out” behavior, so people are not always planning sexual activity. This false security increases sexual activity, as has been shown by increased contraceptive use. Of course, increased activity increases the odds of contracting AIDS and all other sexually transmitted diseases.

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