48 Ways to Make the Holidays a Season of Growth

Here's a compilation of ideas on how to help others with the Christmas Holiday Blitz. Please have a wonderful time this season. You are loved by God & us! Pastor Dennis & Jill.

  1. Invite people in for fellowship and snacks.

  2. Go to Christian concerts and plays.

  3. Sing in church choir.

  4. Be nice to yourself.

  5. Start new traditions.

  6. Invite small fellowship groups over.

  7. Telephone people and let them know how you cope.

  8. Cookie exchange.

  9. Special gift to help a friend feel good.

  10. Provide Christmas for a needy family.

  11. Decorate apartment with birthday decorations instead of Christmas Jesus' Birthday).

  12. Go somewhere for a summertime Christmas.

  13. Take something good to eat to friends (Christians or non- Christians).

  14. See if you can make it through Christmas without spending money.

  15. Invite a friend to go visit senior citizen homes.

  16. Knock on neighbors' doors and invite them to a small snack get together or brunch.

  17. Listen or sing a new kind of Christmas music, so not to recall some of the old memories.

  18. Buy something for yourself you have always wanted, wrap it and give it to yourself as your own best friend.

  19. Change environment where you eat.

  20. Change gift giving exchange.

  21. Give to others such as elderly.

  22. Make all Christmas decorations.

  23. Be in touch with elderly people.

  24. Get involved. Get busy.

  25. Don't get on pity party.

  26. Decorate your tree in a new color other than the usual—pink maybe?

  27. Invite someone over who is alone to share in togetherness and love.

  28. Get a group together to cut down the tree.

  29. Go skiing

  30. Cry

  31. Read

  32. Make it a time for forgiving.

  33. Increase your efforts to make contact.

  34. Learn a new skill.

  35. Remember that loneliness is changeable.

  36. Seek help.

  37. Take time off.

  38. Ask, what ran I learn from this?

  39. Go visit the hospitals.

  40. Work for someone who has to work that day.

  41. Spend more time with an older person.

  42. Celebrate other days. Example: Boxer Day, Epiphany

  43. Take someone's child for a day.

  44. Open your home for singles for Christmas and New Years.

  45. Make presents instead of buying them.

  46. Make it plain to others that Christmas is being celebrated because of Christ's birthday.

  47. Create less hassle—use an artificial tree this year.

  48. Make specific plans on what you will do.

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