A Study Guide to Psalm 40:1-3

Read the verses from two or three different versions and a paraphrase. Particularly recommended are the New American Standard Bible and The Living Bible.

  1. What two things did the psalmist do in these verses?

  2. What six things did the Lord do for the psalmist?

  3. Where did the new song come from?

  4. What was the old song?

  5. What will be the results of the Lord doing these things for the psalmist? (verse 3)

  6. What is your "pit of destruction" or "miry clay"?

  7. What are you doing about your situation? Are you doing what the psalmist did?

  8. What can you expect the Lord to do for you because He did it for the psalmist?

  9. What is going to result from your situation as it did from the psalmist's situation?

  10. On the basis of what God is going to do for you, what should be your attitude? (See also Romans 8:28 and 1 Thessalonians 5:18.)

  11. When can you expect God to do this work in your life?

  12. Write these three verses on small cards and place them around where you work or live so you can meditate on them throughout the day, every day!

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