Divorce: At What Cost?

There are many more costs involved in divorce than lawyers' fees, property divisions and other monetary monetary concerns. Many couples learn that most of the costs of divorce are hidden. Consider these:

  • The poverty rate for children living in single-parent homes is five times the rate for children living with two parents.

  • Divorced men experience an average 42 percent rise in their standard of living in the first year after "divorce, while divorced women (and their children) experience a 73 percent decline.

  • School-age children living with a parent and step-parent or divorced mother only, are 40 percent to 75 percent more likely to repeat a grade and 70 percent more likely to be expelled from school.

  • Children who grow up in fractured families are less likely to graduate from high school than children from intact families.

  • A disproportionate number of runaway teens come from step-parent households.

  • Young sons often experience nightmares and a " father hunger" soon after the dad leaves home. In their teens, they are more likely to have increased levels of aggression, gang membership and other emotional and behavioral problems.

  • Young daughters of divorce often experience anxiety and guilt. In their teens, they are more likely to be sexually involved, marry younger, be pregnant more often before marriage and become divorced or separated from their eventual husbands

  • Children of divorce typically experience depression, drug and alcohol experimentation and a diminished ability to form lasting relationships.


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