Salt and Light Together

Lord, take our will and make it Thine.

Only then can our light shine.
Lord, help take our feet off this shelf
So we may love our neighbor as ourself.

Lord, salt and light together are we,

Reaching out so others can be.
Lord, thank You for the priviledge to be Your light.
Please guide us so we can shine bright.

Give yourself free and clear;
You will feel the Spirit is there;
If you don't, you're living a lie.
Will you go to heaven when you die?

Father, my prayer for everyone here
Is for You to draw them very near.
Please use us as You choose
For by doing this we can't lose.

The salt of the earth and of the sea
Is a preservative for you and me.
The Light of the world is for us;
It comes from our mighty Lord Jesus.

So if your life is bland and dry
Your light weak and about to die,
Just reach out to all that you see,
So they can become all they can be.

For this is the secret of shining bright;
This is the reason we are salt and light.
Jesus died for us so that we may live;
It is time for us to reach out and give.

Unknown Author

The purpose of Assemblies of God Single Adult Ministries is to help districts, churches, pastors and leaders build spiritually-strong single and single-again adults of all ages.

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