Stagnating or Building?

Here is a simple tool to help you discover areas of strengths and weaknesses in your life, determine potential areas of fulfillment, and learn a little about yourself. Use the following list to evaluate your development as a healthy adult in the light of your relationship with Christ and your desire to follow in His footsteps.

Use this scale:
1 = Often
2 = Occasionally
3 = Seldom

____ Ministering to others.

____ Enlarging my own leisure interests.

____ Developing a stimulating career.

____ Learning hospitality.

____ Dealing with hostilities.

____ Dealing with failure.

____ Developing personal relationships with the opposite sex.

____ Developing personal relationships with the same sex.

____ Developing personal relationships with children.

____ Continuing the development of my mind.

____ Keeping informed on public affairs.

____ Learning ways in which to mature and be fulfilled.

____ Developing good personal grooming and health habits.

____ Keeping good relationships with my family.

____ Seeking God's will for my life.

____ Developing adequate ways to deal with my own sex drives.

____ Developing a meaningful prayer life and personal Bible study time.

____ Sharing deep feelings and concerns with someone of the same sex.

____ I like myself.

____ Experiencing contentment most of the time.

____ Managing money well, and knowing whom to contact for help if needed.

____ Feeling I am the head of my home/apartment and responsible to God for hospitality/service.

____ Looking forward to the future.

Based on your answers above, are there any areas of your life that need work?

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