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Games and Activities

70 Activity Ideas for the Single Adult Ministry

Looking for some activity ideas for your single adult ministry? We've gathered 70 of the best ideas and compiled them into categories for you.


  1. Float trip (canoe, inner tube)
  2. Bus trip to a tourist attraction
  3. Boat cruise
  4. Overnight trip to a special activity (sporting event, play, etc.)
  5. Bike hike
  6. Backpack trip
  7. Hike through a park or wilderness area
  8. Vacation trip
  9. Ski trip
  10. Witnessing trip (MAPS, AIM)
  11. Trips with other SAMs (to conventions, seminars, retreats, etc.)
  12. Hayride


  1. Potluck dinner
  2. Brunches
  3. Pancake breakfast
  4. salad lunch
  5. Soup or chili dinner
  6. Fish dinner cook what you catch!
  7. Special foreign dinner (Mexican, Chinese or other specialty dishes)
  8. Banquet (formal or semi-formal)
  9. Barbecue
  10. Progressive Dinner
  11. Late-Night dinners (pizza after a football game, etc.)
  12. Bonfire
  13. Special occasion dinners (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's)

Retreats, Seminars, Conventions

  1. One-day retreat
  2. Overnight retreat (Noon to Noon)
  3. Unplanned program retreatwith special emphasis on sharing together
  4. Single parenting retreat
  5. Dollars & Sense retreat (money management)
  6. Divorce-recovery retreat
  7. Good Grief retreat (dealing with the positive aspects of grief)
  8. Invite a guest specialist to provide a workshop (lawyer, doctor, counselor, etc.)
  9. Mini-convention (two days at the church with workshops, keynote speakers, meals, etc.)

Sports and Games

  1. Volleyball (informal or form a team for league play)
  2. Softball (informal or form a team for league play)
  3. Basketball (informal or form a team for league play)
  4. Soccer (informal or form a team for league play)
  5. Tennis
  6. Racquetball
  7. Table tennis (Ping-pong)
  8. Table games
  9. Skiing
  10. Roller skating
  11. Ice Skating
  12. Bowling
  13. Scavenger hunt

Special Occasions

  1. Birthday parties
  2. Celebrations (graduations, accomplishments, etc.)
  3. Housewarmings
  4. Bon Voyage (for vacationers or those moving away)
  5. No-Special-Occasion Party
  6. "Come as you wish you were" costume party

Dramas, Plays, Skits, Programs

  1. Attend oar put on a play
  2. Produce a skit to emphasize part of a lesson (good for parties or retreat)
  3. Attend a Christian drama performance
  4. Have group members pantomime pmts of lessons, or put on a "mime" play.
  5. Develop a puppet group for demonstration of Christian principles
  6. Singspiration (an all-music night).
  7. Attend a Christian concert
  8. Produce your own concert, using talented members of the group
  9. Have a talent contest (not confined to music necessarily)
  10. Have a Craft fair
  11. Attend or produce a musical drama
  12. Attend or produce a concert under the stars (outdoors)
  13. Organize duets, quartets, ensembles, to perform for your church or community.


  1. Use a slide or video presentation to teach a lesson, show other places, events.
  2. Show slides or videos of recent vacations or retreats.
  3. Have the group make a video (illustrate Bibilical story or principle, etc.
  4. Show Christian movies or teaching/training videos.